Five Things We Learned About Canadians

We have returned from the great nation of Canada after a beautiful month wandering through their national parks and sitting in their red Adirondack chairs. Truly theirs is the rockiest of the Rocky Mountains, and the most beautiful as well.

Honestly. This is the view from the top of the Sulphur Skyline trail in Jasper. Photo by Ryan.

Everything you’ve heard about Canadians is true. They are lovely. They are helpful. They say “eh” a lot. They love hockey. (Also, curling. There is a curling club in Regina, Saskatchewan that serves breakfast on weekends. You can watch curling while you eat your eggs and toast. Brilliant.)

There are several delightful things we learned about* Canadians along the way and present them to you here:

They are not afraid to ask the big questions

big question
Just inside the township of Jasper, next to the train tracks, is this wonderfully philosophical sign. Photo by Ryan.

They can accurately identify sorcery

canada - 2
Enough said. Photo by Ryan.

Their bathroom graffiti is next level

canada - 6
There was another one that said, “Your mother is a nice lady.” Photo by Tricia.

They can walk on water

canada - 5
And so can you! There is a wide, long section of the Athabasca River in Jasper that is only about ankle deep. The water is cold, but worth wading into. Photo by Tricia.

They are adorable

You guys, they painted a fire hydrant to look like a Mountie. I am in love. Photo by Ryan.

Thank you, Canada, for a wonderful trip. We will certainly return.

*(It’s pronounced it more like a-boat than a-boot)


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